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Updates & fixes May 2014

Updates & fixes May 2014

Rob Cullen - Founder



It feels like it has been some time since I last made some major changes to the way functions. Over the past few months we have had many requests, missing functionality and issues. We decided to address these issues and overhaul the look and feel of the website. We are now 100% responsive for all devices.


A new aspect of moving forward is the removal of free membership and new price points. So let me tackle the removal of free membership. With free comes abuse and seriously lack of quality web designers. Automatic sign ups created from bots and countering the attack was a constant battle, adding a payment gateway will drastically remove this issue.


At we want to become the leading directory for offering profressional digital serivces and products to a wide community of people. Looking at some examples of work and existing members, we found a large amount of website design and build of a certain quality.


We want to reduce the access of every average joe in his bedroom and change that focus to the leading design and development companies. To that extent we introduced some price points. We offer Freelance and Company accounts. These new price points allow to filter out the average joe's from the professional digital industry leaders.


So how will it work, well from now all accounts will require to choose a payment option when they log in. We understand that by moving forward this way we will lose a majority of our existing members. But at the same time we feel that this will help us filter out the average joe's and keep the prestigious web designers.


We will shortly be launching a e-newsletter that will explain how this new system will work, how we will purge through our databases and start to remove members who no longer wish to use our service.


So what is new? We now have a interactive map, provided by Google that plots our members on a map which is a simple and effective way to find local developers and designers with in a postcode area. We re-wrote our search to run inline with radial searches of your own location or postcode.


All paying members get access to analytics from, we show search results, keyword searches, click throughs, pin point map locations using geolocation to plot where searches are coming from with in a 20 mile radius of your company and we plan to develop this area to give you even more data about the community who require your services.


As with all new things we expect so teething issues, we are already aware of a few small issues for mobile in terms of sizing. We want to be totally open of the issues and will work on fixing these issues.


Known bugs & issues 12.05.2014
- Map scrolling on device restricts page scrolling
- Pagination for large searches causes side scrolling
- Using a browser from device size to full screen shows hidden device only buttons.
- iPad portrait screen size issue with logo
- iPad search results to fill full screen
- iPad crashes on panTo code on Google maps (known safari issue)
- email doesn't always display on iPhone

If you come across a bug or issue you feel needs attention, please email

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