Chrome 56 will tell users your website is not secure

As Google’s Chrome browser turns to version 56 it brings along a very interesting update. Some of you may already be aware that your existing version of chrome shows
a “secure” tag in the address bar, for websites that transfer data over SSL. Any website or page loaded in version 59 of Chrome that contains a password field that is
not secured with SSL, Chrome with flag the website as “Not Secure” in clear red label. It may be likely that not to long in the future you may be contacted by your clients
to notify you of this.

So what can you do?

SSL or secure server layer is used to encrypt data that is being passed around a website. This helps improve the security of the website and your personal data,
if your website is not using one then speak to your web design agency. If you run a web design business then you can now have access to free SSL with
Let’s Encrypt. Alternatively you could use a DNS proxy such as Cloudflare.

Google has been pushing the notion that websites should move over to SSL for quite some time and with this latest update it seems they are more now than ever applying
that measure. In an earlier post Google made it known to web design businesses that using SSL for their websites would also show a domain authenticity and help improve
its overall ranking in its search engine.

Overall the past could of changes from Google has been to push a focus on security and improving the overall user experience.