Apple iOS 10.3 allows app developers to respond to reviews

Apple has announced that in the latest version of iOS 10.3 it will include the ability for app developers to respond to reviews on their products. This update applies to apps on iTunes and the Mac OS store.

Another announcement with this version if iOS will allow your app users to review and rate your app directly from the app and no longer require your to redirect the app user to the app store.

The update on continues “iOS 10.3 introduces a new way to ask customers to provide App Store ratings and reviews for your app. Using the SKStoreReviewController API, you can ask users to rate or review your app while they’re using it, without sending them to the App Store. You determine the points in the user experience at which it makes sense to call the API and the system takes care of the rest.

When iOS 10.3 ships to customers, you will be able to respond to customer reviews on the App Store in a way that is available for all customers to see. (This feature will also be available on the Mac App Store.)”.

A simple but effective way to help increase app ratings. The problem was taking the user away from the app to rate, which people disregarded by most.