Senior Software Engineer (m/f)

Location: Munich, Germany

Type: Full Time


Huawei is a leading provider of information and communications solutions. Our products have been deployed in over 140 countries serving more than one third of the world’s population. For the Trusted System Protection (TSP) team within the Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Laboratory (CSPL) in Munich, Germany we are currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer enthusiastic to work on cutting-edge security technologies and to contribute to the security architecture of future Huawei products in a diverse range of verticals, from telecom to cloud and IoT platforms.

Your responsibilities

  • Design, implement, test and document advanced security technology prototypes for trusted computing, system integrity protection and platform resilience
  • Analyze product architecture and source code and collaborate with product line engineers to adapt the developed prototypes to product architectures
  • Contribute to joint research projects with our European partners from academia and industry

Our requirements

  • Experience in designing, implementing and debugging embedded firmware and applications in C, for ARMv7/8-A, ARMv7/8-M, other embedded architectures or x86
  • Professional knowledge in one or more of following areas:
    • Microcontroller and application processor architectures, DeviceTree, board bring-up, Secure Boot, flash storage, buses, Secure Update
    • Linux OS kernel internals, memory management, containers, virtualization, security features
    • Development with common security protocols (e.g. TLS, IPSec, OAuth 2.0 etc.), crypto libraries (e.g. OpenSSL, mbedTLS), PKCS#11 or Linux kernel crypto API, X.509 certificates and PKI
    • Linux – network / system tools / command line interface / scripting
    • Code debugging techniques
    • Proficiency in English
  • Following are desirable:
    • Trusted Computing
    • Hardware security architectures and best practices
    • Python, Go; Javascript, Node.JS and micro service architectures
    • Experience with cloud technologies such as OpenStack and containers (Docker/Kubernetes)
    • DevOps methodologies such as agile development and continuous delivery
    • Experience in contributing to open-source projects

Candidate should be self-motivated to research and compare new software technologies and be in a position to rapidly become accustomed to them in a relatively short period of time.

Able to independently design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable and secure code. Identify potential bottlenecks and bugs and devise solutions to the problems. Analyze existing code and identify points of improvement.

Capable to analyze complex software architectures and prioritize development tasks to maximize efficiency and output. Able to troubleshoot problems in an existing code base with limited documentation.

Company: Huawei

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