5 Web Design Trends to Keep Your Website Relevant in 2019

When it comes to websites, it can seem like a never-ending battle to keep users coming. For businesses who maintain a strong online presence, it’s important to make sure their website is always updated with the latest design trends.

Here are a list of 5 website design trends in 2019 to help keep your brand relevant and the conversions rolling in.

  • Mobile First Optimization

With Google now indexing mobile first and counting speed as a factor, the rules of SEO have changed. Search engines will now use the mobile version of your website to determine your page ranking in search results instead of the desktop version. It is important to remember when creating a mobile version of a site to only keep what is necessary to avoid the screen becoming overcrowded. Any element that will not aid a user in completing the desired action should be removed. Having a fast, mobile-friendly website is key to improving your SEO ranking and gaining exposure to potential consumers.

  • Micro-Animations

Though animation has been an on-going trend for quite some time, micro-animation is the latest craze. Micro-animations occur when a website user performs a specific action within your page such as hover their mouse over a clickable element. These animations are meant to add energy to the page but do not impact the loading time. They tend to be less overwhelming and direct users down the path you have created for them. These animations are meant to be subtle, yet captivating to ensure your site is memorable.

  • Video Content

Having a video on your website is considered pretty much an industry standard at this point. Videos allow you to immediately engage users, especially when placed in the page header acting as a dynamic background. You can overlay elements such as your logo, text or menu options. When adding a video it is important to keep in mind the size of the video and how it will affect the speed of your website. We recommend a short video clip that loops between 5-10 seconds.

  • Asymmetrical Layout

Users consume large quantities of content daily and it can be hard to break through that haze. Nowadays, unexpected design elements are necessary to grab a user’s attention. One example is asymmetrical website design. Websites utilizing this slightly off balance approach correctly pull a viewer in for a closer look. Some ways asymmetrical design can be achieved are by slightly overlapping two elements or juxtaposing a large image with white space.

  • Minimalism

One design principle that never goes out of style is clean, easy to use website. It is important that your website is clear, that the users understand what you are asking of them or the information they are searching is easily accessible. Basically, this trend is dedicated to UX. Not overwhelming website users is key and implementing too many of these trends can actually be more harmful. Proper use of UX allows you to choose trends that support your brand identity and engage users to stay on your webpage longer which boosts SEO.

TechArk’s expert web design team will make sure your website stands out this year, by implementing these trends and more.