Top 10 SEO Tips That Will Boost Your SERP Ranking in 2019

With ever-changing search engine algorithms, updates and technologies it is really foolish to stick to a single type of SEO campaign. Even best SEO experts and SEO companies can lose their effectiveness if they don’t follow the constant upgrades.

With search engines always trying to improve their search services, it is imperative to be updated with any change that the search engines make in order to always remain on top of a search engine result page.

Here is a list of trends that you must follow absolutely in order to maintain your website ranking or boost it to new heights if you are a beginner:


1) Voice Search:

Voice search has become an essential element in today’s online searches. Backed by smart AI assistants, voice search functionality can impact SEO to a great extent.

Voice search will act as a conversational search journey where a question will be asked and the result will be displayed in the form of an “Answer”. Using the services of voice search can help you to become the best SEO expert in India.

2) On-page optimization:

Quality link structure and optimized web pages have always been a prerequisite to become best SEO Company in India

Some key website optimizations that can be used are:

  • Content in the form of a conversation.
  • Customer support that responds to the questions of the audience.
  • Use of chatbots
  • An easily navigable website
  • An effective internal site search option
  • Short conversion process
  • Driving users effectively from different stages

3) Go beyond Google:

Search engine optimization is not only about optimizing your website on Google but also to focus on other search engines like “Bing” and “Yahoo”. Big companies like Apple and Amazon may also enter the domain of search engine.

Not everything needs to be displayed on search engines. A mobile application must search better on play store or app store instead of a search engine.

Also, other than working only on getting a blue link on the search engine you must also know how to drive traffic and let people engage on platforms other than your websites.

4) Understanding the audience and their intent:

It is really important to know what your customers expect after they searched for a specific query. Whether it is an image, video, audio or text is really important as your effort can go in vain if you worked on a non-essential content.

Targeting right audience is also equally important. A dog lover adopting a cat as a pet is quite rare. Similarly, even if the content on the website is perfectly written and optimized, it won’t help in your SEO if it is done for the wrong audience. Knowing and selecting a buyer’s persona specifically for the product and service you provide is quite important.

5) Exceptional content on the website:

Content is the most essential element that determines the ranking of a website. A site that provides in-depth quality content literally soars in a search ranking.

Google algorithm update in 2018 will intensify its focus on evaluating the quality of content on the website. It clearly signifies that if you are writing content only to keep your blog alive than that won’t help you to gain a better ranking this year.

6) Become more social:

Social media really help in the growth of website and drive the audience to your websites. It also helps a lot in improving your online presence and brand awareness on the internet. With linking multiple social platforms the presence and influence can be spread even further.

t is therefore also equally important to work on social media marketing strategies along with SEO campaign to drive more customers from social forums to your websites.

7) Use of Live Videos on Social platforms:

The use of live video feature on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has affected intensely in collecting audience and interacting with them instantly.

With improved internet speed all across the world users now have the ability to shoot a video anywhere. These characteristics make live video an interesting trend that will affect the SEO campaigns all across the world in 2019.

8) Working on technical aspects of Search engine optimization services:

Search engine optimization is not only about content and user experience. Working on the technical side of the website is also important to let algorithms of a search engine to easily navigate and go through the content.

Therefore it is essential to create a fast and simple website to gain a better ranking on a search engine result page.

9) Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence/ Chatbots:

A website infused with AI assistants and chatbots helps companies to connect with their users in their off hours.Chatbots are now available in various social media pages and website of many companies. With a 24*7 service, chatbots quickly respond to the inquiry of a user in a cost-effective manner.

Having AI and machine learning technology allows more automation to a website and provide a better buyer’s journey that leads to more conversions.

10) Optimizing website according to features of search engines:

Optimizing your website is essential but re-vamping it according to the search engine’s features is also vital.

Features of Google like Answer boxes, carousels, and the knowledge graph will drive more traffic than other things. Hence to get better results in 2019 it is important to utilize these featured snippets.

Bottom line:

Search engine optimization services have seen a major change in 2018 and these changes will affect the ranking of your website deeply in 2019.

These trends will act as a Midas touch if utilized effectively in an SEO campaign. Use these trends along with other marketing strategies like search engine marketing to gain a better result on a search engine result page.