Programming Language (DSL) Engineer

Location: Amsterdam

Type: Full Time


We are looking for a passionate and optimistic developer who will be primarily responsible for developing and owning the Storyscript language. This position is reserved for a unique individual that believes and wishes to guide what we believe to be the future of programming.

We are accepting all level of applicants. Straight out of college to 15+ year experience.
Remote possible under special conditions.
VISA-included to live in Netherlands.

About Storyscript

Storyscript is the future of programming. The polyglot, cloud-native language complete with a marketplace, runtime, tooling focused on one single goal: simplify development to bring the power of coding to a billion people.

We are a team of diverse engineers that empathize with engineering struggles; seeking to solve the biggest issues.

  1. Development is riddled with unnecessary and accidentally complexity. We waste far too much time on boilerplate code, deployment headaches and bugs.
  2. Development is too hard. The cost of entry is far too great to get even a simple http-server running.
  3. Development is not focused on what matters most: business-logic. Everything else is noise.

From our perspective the industry is mostly moving horizontal. Many companies are single features of a bigger picture. We believe Storyscript is the bridge to unite the tribes of developers, usher companies into the power of distributed microservices/serverless, and bring the power of coding to all. The industry is mostly moving horizontal; most companies building businesses around a single-features. Storyscript is a platform to build businesses on and composed of all the features necessary to focus on the story that makes your business unique: the way you move data, your business-logic, your Story.

❤️ We hire passionate and empathy-driven humans.
Open source software & proud member of the CNCF / Linux Foundation

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