Hi I'm Mya,

I work with entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses to build or develop a website. I create a range of sites for all budgets, from a single promotional page to full e-commerce site. I work closely with my clients to understand the industry and creating a website that will get the best results from your ideal customer.


Why I'm Different:

  • Personalisation - I work closely with you from the start to find details of your business, audience and objectives, to ensure the website get's the response you need and to the timeline that works best for you
  • 100% of the Website Belongs to You - You can decide whether to join the aftercare package or take the reins for yourself. With me, you have the decision
  • I incorporate user experience to ensure  every element of a website is specific for you, and get the best response


Take a look at my site to view my portfolio, pricing packages and to get in touch.


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